Join us for the inaugural CINE workshop at the iconic Chateau Martinay in the South of France. Dedicated to an intimate selection of emerging Videographers in June 2024.

The south of France

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We are proud to present Effigy, in partnership with Fairmont Chateau Le Frontenac, a fine art luxury workshop for photographers looking to enhance their portfolios for high end and discerning clientele, in April 2024

Quebec City

Photographers and Videographers have one of the most precious jobs on a wedding day. They capture special moments in real time, and yet, despite this, have one of the most arguably under rated jobs in the wedding industry. 

Workshops by Nóbl Events strive to create an opportunity for photographers and cinematographers alike to gather with like minded talent to grow and become artists that are not only technically strong, but empathetically visual. By immersing attendees in a fully luxury experience, igniting their senses and stripping away judgement, Nóbl hopes to create a safe space where photographers and cinematographers can take creative chances and emerge a more sensitive and well rounded artist.

designed to elevate your portfolio in destinations near and far

Our upcoming workshops


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Czech Republic